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This story is based on the new show that airs on friday on cartoon network.

This story takes plaace in the past. Lets say oh 2 years be for the show.

It was a few days be for Tygra's brithday and Lion-O has not got him a gift at all!

Lion-O:What am I going to do Snarf? What on thred earth am I going to get for my big bro Tygra?

Snarf just gave Lion-O a puzzle. But Snarf can see that Lion-O was upset and wanted to cheer him up. So he trun around and brush the puff ball at the end of his tail on Lion-O's feet and legs, playfuly. Lion-O laugh and swalted at Snarf to stop.

Lion-O:Ha,ha. Stop it Snarf. That tickles. He,he,he.

Snarf did and jump into his arms and look at Lion-O cutely.

Lion-O:Tanks Snarf. I know you were just doing that to me, to cheer me up and it work.

Lion-O look down at Snarf and a thought ai-cur to him.

Lion-O:Hey Snarf. We know that I'm ticklish. But do you know if Tygra is ticklish?

Snarf just shurg his shodlers, meaning he didn't know.

Lion-O:Relly? Hmmm. I wonder if Tygra knows if he is ticklish? Hey! Maybe that can be my gift to him. To find out if Tygras ticklish and where and how much. Lets go. I got a plan.

It took some time to set up but Loin-O got it all ready in less then 2 days. It was just after lunch that Lion-O ask Tygra tp met him in a room way up in a tower at the east end. Tygra wonder what this was about but did it any way. And as soon as he open the door a big rock laned on his head and knock him out. Soon he awoke to the smell of fish.
His head did not hurt as much as he thought it would after that. He tryed to get up but found that he was bound. His back was on a flat white bored and near the top were his hands, tied at the wrist and over his pams. Then Tygra look down and saw his feet in stocks. He just then note-diss most of his clothes were gone. Tygra was just in pants. Then he look around and saw Snarf with a buckit of fish(I finger fish would work better then smelling sauce on cats) and knew who was behide this.

Tygra: Ok Lion-O. I know its you. You got me. Now let me go, please. I'm not mad. And I promise not to tell dad.

Lion-O came out with a brown bag in his left hand. e put it down near Tygra's feet. Tygra look at it and then back at Lion-O.

Tygra: Ok Lion-O. What do you want?

Lion-O: Do you remender when we were little and how you ussed to tickle me?

Tygra: Oh yeah. It was fun. And you were so cute, with all laughing and squirming to get away. It was so funny. I never got tried. I only stop becuse father made me promises not to do it to you anymore. But what dose that have to do with anythig?

Lion-O:Well you know that I am very ticklish. But we do not know if you are tickilsh Tygra.

Tygra:Let me save you the trouble. I'm not. Now let me go.

Lion-O: Oh? Are yo sure?

Tygra:Yes. Quite sure. Let me go NOW!

Lion-O:Quite saying that. I'm not. I'm going to find out if you really are tickilsh are not.

Lion-O came over to Tygra's right side and started to tickle his ribs.

Tygra:Try all you want little brother. But you will never make me laugh.

Lion-O then got out a brush and use it on Tygra. It didn't tickle but it felt good. Tygra lay back, close his eyes and relax. Soon he was purring.

Tygra: Oh Lion-O. That feels sooo good. Mmmm. Keep it up. If this is my brithday gift, I'll take it. And maybe once a week as well.

This went on for while. Soon Lion-O was done and Tygra was more relax then he has ever been. Sucker. Lion-O knew with his body so relax now that tickling him will be no problem. So Lion-O did just that. He tickle Tygra like cazy and all over. And Tygra laugh like never be for. And he laugh ever more when Lion-O got under his ribs.

Lion-O  tuntly:Oh. Looks like someone is ticklish!

Tygra:Yyess! Now please stoppp! Ha,ha,ha,ha!

Lion-O:Now snarf!

Snarf come over to Tygra's feet and was about to tickle them when Tygra yelled.

Tygra: No!! Not my feet and toes! Anything but my feet please!

Lion-O: Why? Are they really ticklish?

Tygra: Yes,very. At list my toes are.

Lion-O: And why would you tell me that?

Tygra: Uhhh. Your not going to...are you?

Lion-O: What do you think?

Be for Tygra could answer Lion-O was tickling his toes and feet and Snarf was helping. Tygra laughter change. It whent from a big boost to a cute little giggle and Lion-O was loveing it.  

Lion-O: Your laugh is so cute now. I must hear more! Snarf! Tickle harder!

Snarf di the best he could and Lion-O didn't stop. Not untell he could bearly hear Tygra's laugh any more. When he stop Lion-O look at the time and saw that it has been 3 hours since he statred this!

Lion-O: Wow. Its that late all ready? I better stop. Uh. You ok Tygra?

Tygra look at Lion-O but didn't say anything. He just panted.

Lion-O: Oh cats. I think I went to far.

Lion-O freed Tygra and help him up. Then Lion-O put his arm around him and help Tygra down the stairs of the tower. Soon Lion-O brought Tygra to his room and help him get into bed.

Lion-O: So. Are you ok? Your not to mad at me, are you?

Tygra at frist look mad at Lion-O then he smiled at him.

Tygra: No I'm not mad at Lion-O. In fact that was pertty fun. But I am going to have to shower later. And it did go on to long.

Lion-O: Oh yeah. Sorry about that. But you were just so cute.

Tygra: I bet I was. And I may let you do that to me aigain for your brithday. But for mine I would very much like to tickle you. How about it? Will you let me? It will be the most prefect gift you can give me Lion-O.


And that is the end of this story. But will there be a nother? A next part? Well thats up to you my friends. If any of you like to see Tygra tickle Lion-O for his B-day then tell me! And I will write a next part. I'm looking for 3 poeple to ask me to write the next story. Must be 3. Any less and I may not bother. Unless you say please. If just one of you says "Yes! Write the next part" or something like that and also say "Please" then I just might. I'm a pretty big fan of the word "please". Its kind of heard to trun down.
Ok. looking for "3" and the word "please".  
Sorry for takeing so long and longer then I said I would. Had DVR stuff and I was sleeping.

I mosty did this be cuz I wanted to be the frist to write a tickle fanfic of the new ThunderCats shows. Hope you liked it. Hope you want to write a next part.
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Ticklecom Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
This show is never coming back. Sholud I really do a next part?
luis316216 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist
Please write the next part PLEASE!
Anzu18 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
Please write the next part! :D That was amazing! ^^
Ticklecom Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
Amazeing huh? Well I ry.
Ticklecom Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011
Ok,ok. Settle down spaze. As soon as I'm feeling better and get up DVR back up to 30 hours or more, I'll see about doing it. But frist I probly should findish my Rex story. It been over a mouth now.
darkfairy80 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2011
oh yes! Please, please, please! Write the next part! :D
Ticklecom Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
Its done. Start saying how much you love it!
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